7 Perceptions about Food Bloggers that ARE NOT True!!!!

Though not regularly, I have been writing about food for around 18 months now. In this beautiful journey I have been privileged enough to encounter some amazing people within and outside the vast food industry! In these encounters I have noticed that the Food Blogger Community is now a separate community which, people other than the Food Blogger community have some preconceived notions about. Here are 7 things that people think about us which are not even close to being true!!!!

We DO NOT eat everything that we click.

There are innumerable times when people ask me, “How are you not fat when you eat all that?”…. GUYS, COME           ON!! Just cos I click  whole Pizza, doesn’t mean that I eat the whole thing! There are times when I just taste the dish cos I wanna know how it tastes. We do eat everything, but in little quantities!!

We DO NOT go to restaurants and demand free food for bloggers.

There is a huge hue and cry about how “Bloggers” go to a restaurant and demand free food! Firstly, Blogging is something I (and all my Food Blogger friends) do only for the beautiful and burning passion for Food that we have! We are well aware that it is disgraceful for anyone to go  and demand preferred treatment, let alone free food in any restaurant! Secondly, even if some people demand free food, it is stupid on the part of the restaurants to give them what they ask for anyway!!

Writing about Food is NOT the only thing we do.

All the PR people in the house, calm the hell down! When we say we will blog about our experience… WE WILL! People need to understand that we too, like other people have jobs and deadlines. Give us sometime and we will do what we promised. Constant bickering only puts us off, NOTHING ELSE!

We DO NOT always dine for free.

As I said, we have jobs other than Food Blogging, and obviously – Those jobs pay us. Though we like the perks of pre launch parties, etc., etc…. we do enjoy our occasional family “PAID” meal with our loved ones. So when you see us eating out or writing about something we really loved, don’t assume its cos we got that for free!

We CANNOT be bought.

Just cos we think some restaurant is amazing, doesn’t mean that they paid us for it! We are not sellable (atleast some of us are not).

NOT ALL of us buy those likes and followers.

Okay, I agree that there are a huge number of bloggers who do this. But there is nothing more frustrating when you have waited patiently for you moment of glory and when you announce that you have a 1000 Followers, people casually comment that “OH! She must have bought them”!

Food Blogging is not TIME PASS.

How often have I been annoyed by my friends saying, “Why are you ditching us for a Food Blogging event? Not like they are paying you!”. C’mon guys, its our passion and we love to do it! Its as important to us as anything else in our lives!!



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