15 Must Try Seafood Dishes in Mumbai

While other toddler parents’ were worried about the health of their 2 year old babies, my parents where paranoid…not about my health (I was more than healthy throughout my childhood :P). They were worried about the fact that I hated the smell and the taste of sea food (NO KIDDING). Little sis they know that they had no reason to worry at all. Not long after, the foodie and the Ratnagiri girl in me rose and HOW! (For people who don’t know, my Maternal grandmother is from Ratnagiri and most of my summer vacations were spent in Ratnagiri having nothing but Fish and Mangoes).

My love for seafood of all kinds is unparalleled. I absolutely cannot do without seafood in my meals at least every alternate day. So, I  have eaten a lot of seafood in various restaurants across Bombay and wanted to share my pick of my 15 favorite Seafood dishes in the city. The only parameter of my judgement on these dishes is the taste of  it. No ambiance….No price….Only taste.

Number 15 – The Surmai Thali from Sushegad Gomantak.

They say that the best food comes from the tiniest places and at the cheapest prices. Sushegad Gomantak (located in Mahim) is the perfect example of why this is said. This tiny (Non AC) place is run by 2 brothers and the cooking is done by their Mother. No fancy ambiance, no fancy promotions, nothing…but this place has sustained for over a decade now and the only reason for that is the amazing food they serve.  The Surmai Thali here is definitely a must try.


Number 14 – The House Special Calamari at Brewbot.

Apart from serving some amazing and exciting Brewed beers, Brewbot (Andheri west) serves some delectable food. I can swear by the Pulled Chicken Poutine that they serve <3. Coming to the House Special Calamari, it is basically some beautiful fresh Calamari simmered in white wine and lemon juice with some fresh shallots and garlic. The soupy gravy that it comes in is so good that I challenge you not to wipe it clean with the warm and fresh bread loaf that comes with the dish.


Number 13 – The Kolamburg (Prawns Burger at The Desi Deli.

This is one of my favorite Burgers in the city. Infact, it featured in my list of top 5 Burgers to have in Bandra too! 🙂

Screenshot_2016-04-29-16-43-30-02 (1)

Number 12 – The Crispy Fried Bombil at Jai Hind Lunch Home.

Known for its cheap booze, this place situated in the interiors of Bandra is always overflowing with people. But not many people know that along with the USP of its cheap booze, the food here is pretty darn incredible (specially the seafood). One of my favorite Bombil fry preparations.


Number 11 – Kolmi Fry at Sodabottleopenerwala.

This preparation is the only thing I keep on going back to Sodabottleopenerwala for. It is basically a beautifully flavored delicate prawn coated with some crispy fried kanda bhaji (onion pakoda) of sorts. The crispy texture of the Kanda Bhaji along with the succulent prawns is enough to send you to heaven and back!


Number 10 – The Rock Shrimp Tempura at Mamagoto.

Mamagoto since its inception has been one of my to go places for South east Asian food. If I could afford it, I would definitely frequent it more than I do now (subtle way of saaying its a little expensive:P). The rock shrimp tempura here is crispy, crunchy and the prawn is perfectly moist form the inside. This and their Chiang Mai Train Station noodles are my default orders on every visit here.


Number 9 – The Savory Prawns from Five Fat Monks.

This is the dish that made me fall in love with Five Fat Monks. Limited menu, great pricing and delectable food….Just cant get enough of this place.


Number 8 – The Hamachi Carpaccio at Kanpai Lounge.

After the massive success of Kofuko in Mumbai, they have recently opened the city’s first ever Japanese lounge bar – Kanpai Lounge (Bandra West) and the Hamchi (Yellow Tail) Carpaccio that they serve here is as authentic as it can get! Also, this is raw fish (Sushi), so people not fond of it please don’t consider this.


Number 7 – The Bangda Rachado at Sushegad Gomantak.

Another one from this place! Whenever I miss Goa, I go here and eat this amazing dish that they have. Also, isn’t Bangda (Mackerel) the most underrated fish ever??? A person who chooses Bangda over Pomfret, is, for me, a TRUE FISH LOVER!


Number 6 – The Pan Seared Basa with Hay Smoked Potatoes from Salt Water Cafe.

Salt Water Cafe is one of my favorite fine dining places in this city and this dish explains exactly the reason behind it! The Basa is seared to perfection and has a crisp sear to it! It goes so damn well with those beautiful potatoes! For all those who think Seafood and potatoes don’t go well together, you must try this!


Number 5 – The Salt and Pepper Squid at Yauatcha.

This place managed to impress me more and more on each visit! Though it is quite expensive, it is totally worth a visit! Though the Salt and Pepper concept is quite common, its the cook of the squid that elevated this dish above the one at every other place.


Number 4 – The Bombillo at Me So Happi.

I love Bombil! Infact it is inarguably my favorite fish. Generally, I do not like when conventional dishes are messed around with. Hence, when I was trying this version of our regular Fried Bombil, I was a little too skeptical. But on my first bite of this beautiful dish I left behind all my apprehensions regarding it.  Crsipy Fried Bombil, placed on a beautifully sauteed chinese vegetable mixture….doesn’t get better than this!


Number 3 – The Coconut Shrimp Bao at Bao Haus Co.

2015 has been and 2016 continues to be the year of the Bao. Personally, my love for the Boa in India started only with this specific Coconut Shrimp Bao from Bao Haus Co. It is a simple yet flavorful Bao with some crispy fried prawns along with some beautifully subtle yet prominent Thai flavors. So much do I love this Bao that i don’t flinch before travelling to Colaba only for this!


Number 2 – The Crispy Prawn Cheung Fungi at Yauatcha.

Hands down, the best dim sum in the city. It has been consistently perfect in its texture and taste and has to be the most ordered dish at this place.


Number 1 – The Special Fish Thali at Gomantak.

No matter what cuisines you try around the world, its your roots that you will always root for. If someone asks me what my last meal would be…it has to be a “Maharashtrian fish preparation”. This Special Fish Thali at Gomantak (it is the new outlet of Gomantak located at Dadar in the lane of the Cambridge showroom) is definitely my favorite Seafood meal in the city. The insane variety of seafood dishes in this thali priced at Rs. 430 is totally VFM. Special mention to the scrumptious “Jawla” (a dried fish chutney of sorts) that comes in this thali.



So, these are my top 15 must try recommendations  for Sea Food in Mumbai. I hope you guys enjoy reading these kind of posts as much as I enjoy writing them. I am thinking of doing a “Must Try” series of sorts :). Also, please feel free to mention your favorite sea food dishes in the city in your comments so that if I haven’t tried it yet, I will do so. 🙂






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