5 Reasons J’adore Starbucks….

Unlike many others who swore by Starbucks since their childhood when they tried it on their vacations abroad, my love affair for Starbucks started right here, in our very own Mumbai.  To be honest, I wasn’t one of those patient people who stood in line outside the Fort outlet of Starbucks on its opening day! I remember laughing at those crazy pictures of used Starbucks glasses which people took home as souvenirs (in reality, just to post pictures of it:P).

My first visit to Starbucks was well 3 months after its opening in Mumbai. And guess what? I have never looked back since! As of today, I am guilty of spending quite a lot of my salary on my daily Starbucks coffee. I get a lot of wrath and judgement from my parents and a lot of friends who consider this a waste of money. So here I am setting the record straight! What is it that makes me so loyal to Starbucks? Here goes….

  1. Quality of Drinks and Food  – They dont use ready mixes and mediocre quality ingredients for their drinks and their food. They import what they have to and don’t compromise on their quality to reduce their costs.
  2. Quality of Service – There is good service and then there is Starbucks service! With constant smiles on their faces, the staff at all the outlets of Starbucks are so very friendly that it brings a smile to your face. The  ultra personalised touch they add to their service truly makes a lot of difference!
  3. Their Rewards Policy – Believe it or not, I have a very good system of getting the most benefits from what I spend at Starbucks. And this has been possible only because of the amazing benefits that the Starbucks card gives you! From free drinks to amazing accessories, I have won it all :P. Also, HOW COOL IS THEIR GOLD CARD!!!!??
  4. Their Festive Drinks and Food – From the Mango Frappucino in summers to their Pumpkin Latte for Halloween and ofcourse, their  ever so fabulous Christmas celebrations! The constant changing and exciting variety at Starbucks is something I absolutely LOVE!
  5. The Chicken Mushroom Pie – Yeah, this is quite lame but BOY, I love the Chicken and Mushroom Pie here and HOW! I physically cannot leave any Starbucks outlet without getting one of these! ❤

So this is just a post I wrote to justify my love for Starbucks. I am signing off hoping that all the criticism will now stop :P.

Until next time…..




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