Veranda Bandra!

“Veranda”, whenever I hear this word, it makes me damn nostalgic. It takes me back to those beautiful sunny weekends where we would sit  in the Veranda of our house and have lunch together with as a family! How I would do anything to go back to feeling and experiencing that again! Well, now I can! Thanks to the newest entrant in the sea of restaurants in Bandra – Veranda.

Located inside  Hotel Executive Enclave (Pali Hill), Veranda is what they call an artistic gourmet Indian fine dine restaurant. Veranda is a through and through brainchild of Chef Monish Rohra and the execution of his brillant culinary talent and his artistic eye is what emits from the ambiance and the food at Veranda.

When you enter Veranda, you get a feeling of being outdoors inspite of being in a perfectly covered and airconditioned space. The first thing that caught my eye here was the beautiful paintings and the art work displayed  throughout the beautiful space. The interiors of ‘Veranda’ take you back in time with inspired and very modern yet antiquey art. What is anamalous is that all the art work and paintings displayed at Veranda are available for sale or can be rented out too!

Being elegant and comfortable is one thing, but what matters in a restaurant is  how the food and the drinks they serve are right? Mohish describes Veranda as a place which will give its patrons an artistic culinary experience of Indian food and he unmitigatedly delivers on his promise. Apart from being thoroughly bold and modern, the food tasted absolutely brilliant and the unparalleled thought and the technique behind each dish served here is conclusively staggering!

As we were enjoying our beers, Chef Monish walked towards us with what llooked like a  single window frame. As he approached nearer we then saw that it was a frame with food (our favorite knd of frame :P). This, was the amazingly presented Amuse Bouche. Two extremely flavorful and rich tiny idlis and two test tubes (yes, test tubes) of a Paani Puri ka Paani like drink! The concept was that you drink one test tube of the flavored water and then pop in the tiny idli. The combination worked wonders and left us more than excited for what was about to come.

Amuse Bouche

After the Amuse Bouche, came what was, for me, the absolute pick of the night! The Dahi Bhalla which is a signature dish of the restaurant was epic in al aspects that there can be. A beautiful Dahi Vada, accompanied by some sublimely delicious Imli Baked Yogurt and topped with some chutney and salli. This came on a plate smeared with the green chutney.If this is not inspired modern Indian cuisine, nothing is!

Dahi Bhalla

The Dahi Bhalla was followed by some stunning Tandoori Mushroom Carpacccio which was an inspired marriage of the Intalian classic carpaccio with the very Indian flavors of tandoori mushrooms.

Tandoori Mushroom Carpaccio

The Palak Bhindi Chaat too was extremely crispy and flavorful and would make an immaculate munchy to have on your table when you are enjoying your cocktails or your beers.

Palak Bhindi Chaat

Apart from these, we also tried the dreamy and creamy Shammi Kebab and the Koliwada Prawns, both of which managed to excite my taste buds.

Sangria Loving!

Though we didnt really get to try a lot of their maincourse (we were already too full), we did have the very homely and tiillating Baigan ka Bharta and the spicy yet irresistible Chicken Chettinad.

We absolutely were in no mood to leave without any dessert and so we didnt and MAN I am glad we didnt! The White Chocolate Souflle with ChocoChip Icecream  was absolutely magnificent. The souffle was baked per order and was oozing with white chocolate. This was served with some chikki which gave the whole dessert the needed crunch as well as a different texture.


All in all, Veranda is exactly what it attempts to be – an artistic culinary delight which serves food enhancing every flavour of the traditional Indian dish to as its authenticity but elevating it with western technics. This very modern yet contemporary take on Indian food is what works for this place and with some delicious food, its aesthetic and vibrant vibe and some avant-garde cocktails, I am definitely putiing my money on “Veranda”.



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