Unapologetically Italian Brunch at Celini.

The thing I love most about Italian food is that it is food at its most pragmatic and earthy form. This earthiness is what makes Italian food glorious.

Celini at Grand Hyatt, thanks to the joint effort of everyone in the Grand Hyatt team led by its very effulgent Chef Allesandro, has always and continues to eugolize this very quality of Italian food, making it my all time favorite Italian restaurant in the city.

The newest allure at Celini is the #UnapologeticallyItalian Brunch which happens every Saturday afternoon. This brunch is nothing but the extensive celebration of the amazing Chef Allesandro and his love for Italian food.


What I love about this Brunch that when it says that it is an “Italian Brunch” IT IS just that. So dont go expexcting noodles or Biryani in this Brunch. What you can expect is some lip smackingly delicious and assuaging Italian food with some absolutely brilliant cocktails and mimosas which you cannot stop having.


The soups, salads and cheese are laid in a Buffet and the mains arekeep coming on your tables as you enjoy the amazing cocktails. The have some brilliant varieties of pastas and pizzas which you must try too! I am going to follow this up with some snippets of the brilliant food we had on our visit here.


Parmigiano Reggiano

I want to give a very very special mention to the variety of egg preparations that this Brunch offers. From a brilliant Egg Benedict to a dreamy Egg Florentine, they have it all and yeah…they nail it all too!

Though the desserts served at this Brunch are not huge in number, each dessert is exquisite in all possible aspects. I have always love dthe Tiramisu served at Celini and you should definitely not even think of leaving without trying it out!



What elevates this Brunch experience from the rest of the “Brunches” in the city is that it is truly Unapologetically Italian. Each thing that you experience and taste here screams of Italian which is exactly what you should expect. Also, the constant enlivening and sprightly presence of the incredible Chef Allesandro adds to the whole sparkle of this experience. I highly recommend this Brunch to everyone. It is a sure way to make your Saturday a memorable one!

You can book your table for the Brunch here.



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