New Menu at Quattro Ristrorante.


Ratings – Food (4.5/5) ; Service (4/5); Ambiance (3/5).

Must Have’s – Assorted Jelly Platter (Cocktail); Eat Your Iced Tea (Mocktail); Liquid Salad; Chilli Mexicano; Pizzas; Chcolate Cigars; Tres Leches.

What You Can have after the Must Have’s – Insalate Castano (Salad); Jalapeno Queso; Guacamole.

Full Review:

After my prodigious experience at Quattro a couple of months back, I absolutely jumped at the invite to try their new menu and though I never thought it is possible to do so, my meal this time surpassed the really high bar set by this place itself!

For those who arent aware, Quattro, located at lower parel, is a pure vegetarian restaurant trying to serve some break through food in order to give a great dining experience to all those poor veggies who are compelled to eat food limited to “Paneer Tikka” and “Aloo Chaat” when they go to a restaurant.

Specializing in some authentic and sapid Italian and Mexican food, the beauty in the food of this place lies in its simplicity. Don’t get me wrong. Though Quattro Ristorante does some enthralling and captivating theatrical displays with their food, the real stuff that works for this place is the underlying, almost sublime balance of flavors that comes with the conception of the dishes served here. Each and every dish served here is distinct in flavors and appearance and the only common ground I could find was that all of their food is BLOODY DELICIOUS!

Along with some fabulous food, Quattro has introduced some really fascinating cocktails & mocktails. My favorite was the gloerious Jelly Platter which is a cocktail. Sangria, Chanpagne  and Rose Wine are jellified and served in a dreamy platter the aroma, look and taste of which is something you have to experience! The Eat Your Own Lemon Iced Tea was another favorite of mine where the served makes the iced tea in front of you by using liquid nitrogen. But what i loved about this drink apart from the way it was presented was that it was just perfect in all its flavors and textures. Thought the  Moscow Mule looked interesting on the menu, given my affinity for sweet sparking wine, the lack of the sweet element dissapointed me in this drink.

Assorted Jelly Platter
Iced Tea


Moscow Mule.

The very first thing that I ate…or rather drank at Quattro was their Liquid Salad. This amazing creation was an unbelievably refreshing concoction of kale and cucumber juice topped with lemon foam and parmesan shavings was nothing but orgasmic to have. Each sip of this salad was a mixture of amazement and pleasure. The Insalate Castano Salad was extremely flavorful too and apart from my intolerence to spicy food, I just couldnt help myself but wipe my plate clean!


Out of the appetizers i tried, my favorited were the Jalapeno Queso and the Chilli Mexicano. While the former was fried spheres of cheese (cant really go wrong with that), the Chilli Mexicano was stuffed with some beautiful montrey jack cheese and was fried to perfection! The Gaucamole was something I was most excited for and though the whole experience of wtaching guacamole being made with the use of liquid nitrogen on your table was fascinating, the flavors, though not bad at all, were not what i was expecting from it. The Taquitos had great texture variations to it and the avacado ice cream topped on the taco cones was a great surprise to the taste buds. Though i was expecting a lot from the Corn Cookies, i didnt really enjoy the texture and consistency of the corn cookies.


Chilli Mexicano
Corn Cookies.

The Margarita Upside Down Pizza was baked to perfection and the variation on sauce on top of the cheese was absolute brilliance! Though we were very very full by this time, we did manage to force our poor tummies to eat the Jalapeno Riso  and Peperoni Ripieni,  both of which were an absolute delight to have.


We tried the Tres Leches  and the Chocolate Cigars  for dessert, both of which were exceptionally prepared and presented and were the absolute textbook conclusion to our meal!

Tres Leches
Chocolate Cigars.

All in all, Quattro is, I now believe one of the very few restaurants in the city which can boast of giving their patrons an overall great gastronomical experience that they will not forget.

(I want to give a special mention to the  italian and Mexican dips that they serve with their food and are so so so very good!)




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