Hitchki – Restaurant Review.

Ratings – Food – 4/5; Service – 4/5; Ambiance – 4/5.
Must Have – Swadeeka (Cocktail)
                          Skewer Ke Bachhon (Appetizer)
                          Charlie Chapli Kebab (Appetizer)
                          Bhut Jolokia Wings (Appetizer)
                          Chorizo Bhajiya Pav (Appetizer)
                          Ghee Roast Chicken (Mains)
                          Saavji Mutton (Mains)
                          Laksa Prawns Dum Biryani (Mains).
May Have – What Man Burger
                         Smooth Criminal (dessert)
Dont Have – Pasta
                          Shahimisu (dessert).
Full Review:

The latest novice in the food & nightlife scene of Mumbai is this dainty place known as “Hitchki”. Yeah, thats right! The name itself induces multiple questions….why is it named after Hiccups? What cuisine does it serve? etc…etc….

Lets start with the name….The name itself triggers a string of nostalgic thoughts. In India, when one gets hitchki (or hiccups), they say it is because someone, somewhere is thinking of you. Hitchki too, evokes memories of an older time but in a contemporary chic setting. It focuses on regional cuisine and brings in elements of nostalgia to your dining experience by way of the ambience, food and bar, sometging that not many aspirants have failed to achieve.
The question remains….is Hitchki succesful on doing what it aims to do? Yes it does! The extremely reasonably-priced Hitchki menu incorporates international and traditional flavours in each dish. Each dish has a quirky, modern touch that suits the palate and lifestyle of the current day, by way of contemporary preparation and plating.
We tried a plethora of some of their best dishes and most of them were HITS! There was just one cocktail I tried that night, cos after that cocktail, I didnt really want to try anything else. THAT GOOD! Called “Swadeeka”  this cocktail is an absolutely cherubic Vodka based concoction of fresh lemongrass, jaggery lime. Absolutely delicious and so very refreshing too!
We were served a whole platter of some of their very best appetizers and I absolutely loved all 3 of the appetizers that were served to us.  The Skewer Ke Bachhon were skewered chunks of chicken marinated with some delicious spanish marinade and tandoored to perfection. The Charlie Chapli Kebab are succulent lamb minced kebab served with a delectable “thecha” mayo. The Bhut Jolokia Wings are strewn with some fiery and tangy Bhut Jolokia sauce and though spicy, are impossible to resist!
The Bhajiya Pav  served at Hitchki is an ingenious take on the very popular Mumbaiya delicacy and instead of the regular Batata Bhaji, the Pav is stuffed with some “Chorizo Bhaji” (for nonveg) and “Cheese Bhaji” (for veg).
In the mains, I absolutely loved the Ghee Rice with Roast Chicken and the Saavji Mutton both of which were as authentically accurate as it can get! The Laksa Prawns Dum Biryani is a dexterous combination of the flavors from south east asia and north india and apart from not wanting to stop eating this, you will wonder why you didnt think of this first!
The What Man Burger was quite tasty as well, but what I didnt like was the Pasta which was a little overcooked.
The Desserts were unfortunately a miss for me and though the Panna Cotta and Smooth Criminal were quite yum, I didnt care much for their take on Tiramisu – Shahimisu.
Hitchki transforms itself from day to night. The classy, standout bar is perfect for a catch-up drink with a friend by day, and magically transforms into a vibrant watering hole by night. Defined by international skill and service, the Hitchki bar is a great place to hang out in this ever buzzing South Mumbai neighborhood.

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