MRP – Modern Asian Bistro



Rating – 4/5

Must Have – The Chi (Cocktail);
Sweet Potato Capuccino;
Prawns Ajillo;
Baked Spare Ribs;
Masamman Curry
Deconstructed Cheesecake.

May Have –   Edmame and Truffle Oil Dimsum;
Red Curry Prawn Dimsums;
Rock Corn Tempura;
Turnip Cakes;
MRP Mac n Cheese

Avoid –           Chicken Satay;
Chocolate Jenga Tower.

Full Review:
A result of the brilliant brainchild of Mr. Abhayraj Singh Kolhi., MRP is the cool, hip and modern new entrant in the area where not many peopke dare to take risks in!

Located in Dadar (East) MRP is the newest venture taken on by the Pritam Group of Hotels which boasts of having in its kitty names like Pritam Restaurant, Pritam Da Dhaba, Grandmama’s Café, Terttulia, Please Don’t Tell, The Roll Company and Toran.

The interiors of MRP have hues of the colours red, blue, yellow and grey that make the place inviting and chill.

The main attraction of MRP is the amazing offers they have on booze. If you are in a group and you end up spending more that Rs. 750 per head (which you obviously will), you can buy their inported alcohol bottles at MRP! Yes…no kidding! Moreover, all alcohol shots on the menu have been especially designed in a manner to revolve around fun games like darts, knots and crosses and foosball which you can play while chilling with your drinks. Since I was driving the night I visited MRP, I couldnt try a lot of drinks. But the one cocktail I tried and absolutely loved was – “The Chi”. This was an etheral concotion of Pomogranate seeds, kaffir lime, bacardi and oolong tea! DELICIOUS!

The Chi

MRP’s menu has been designed and developed to be thoroughly Asiaj, but with a twist . This widely varied and thoroughly researched Modern Asian menu comprises dishes such as Papaya Noodles with Nuach Charm caviar, Peeking Duck Bao, Mushroom Tofu and Truffle oil Dimsums, Chilli Corn and Water Chestnut Taco, MRP Asian Mezze, Ramen Tagliatelle among a whole lot more.

The Sweet Potato Cappucino was unlike any soup I have ever tried before and the creaminess yet the airyness of ithe soup was amazing.

Sweet Potato Cappucino

The Edmame and Truffle Oil Dimsum was really delicious , inspite of lacking the needed flavors of thr truffle oil.


The Red Curry Prawn Dumpling was basically a combination of my 2 most favorite things, Thai Curry and Dumpling, and just got me wondering why the hell have I never tried this before!?


The pick of the night for me was undoubtedly the Prawns Ajillo  which were beautiful fresh prawns simmered delicately with some garlic and served with a warm toasty Bao! Coulsnt get enough of this!

Prawns Ajillo

My other favorite that night was the Baked Spare Ribs which were glazed with an amazing spicy black pepper caramel and was baked to absolute perfection.


I really liked the Rock Corn  and the Turnip Cakes, which are great options for vegetarian people.
The Chicken Satay was quite a dissapointment, and so was the peanut sauce served with it.

For mains, we had the Massaman Curry  which was rich, earthy and packed with flavor and the  MRP Mac n Cheese which was an ingenious combination of thai flavors with the indulgence of mac n cheese.

The desserts were the  Deconstructed Cheesecake which was a brilliant breakdown of the cheesecake and the addition of popping candy to it was just a sweet symphony. We also tried the much talked about Chocolate Jenga Tower and though the caramel and chocolate flavors were bang on, the actual cake in the tower was quite dense.

Deconstructed Cheesecake.


Jenga Tower

MRP- Modern Asian Bistro is modern in all aspects of its being. Not only does the menu boast of some modern takes on asian food, but it delivers on what is served to its patrons too! Other then the amazing food, MRP is also a great place to chill with friends with some great music and a lot of games that you can play.

Until next time….


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