New Milestones for Grandmamas Cafe!

Since its inception a couple of years back, Grandmamas cafe has managed to create and maintain a special place in the hearts of everyone who has eaten there. It has managed to go above and beyond just “a parsi food restaurant” or “a cafe”.  In fact, even if I wanted to, I wouldnt be able to classify or label Grandmamas Cafe into anything but a place consistently serving some unbelievably incredible food!

It is this  very quality of Grandmamas cafe that has, in this day & age of crazy competition, assured the stupendous success that it has achieved. Grandmamas cafe has recently added another feather in its evergrowing cap with the launch of its brand new outlet in the buzzing area of Juhu and to commemorate this addition to its list of outlets in the city, it has also introduced some very prodigious new items to its menu. Barring one dish, each and every dish on the list of new items was unbelievably delicious and we just couldnt stop eating every last morsel off our plates!

The Tiny Plates-

The tiny plates, or what us peasents call “starters” were what we rightly started with.

My favorite of the lot has to be the Kejriwal Grandmamas Style which was presumably Grandmama Cafe’s own individualistic take on the very illustrous “Kejriewal Toast”. Out of the zillion versions of this I have eaten accross Mumbai, this one has to be the best. Yes….better than Bombay Canteen too! Fresh Bread smeared on with a spicy yet addictive green chutney and topped with some creamy mushrooms and a runny egg. All this is served in a brilliant cheese sauce and trust me when I say this – You bloody CANNOT stop eating this dish! We had 5 portions of this between the 4 of us and none of us regret one bit! 😛

Kejriwal Grandmamas Style

Not far behind in my list of favorites was the Grandmamas Meatballs (yeah, sounds wrong)…but everything about this was right! Also, that Marinara sauce was SEX!

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-3RRgEtghZN1E (1).jpg

The Mushroom A LA Plancha were tossed in some beautiful balsamic and garlic and were light and delicious to eat.

The Jalapeno and Cheese Toast  was a dissapointment which was highlighted due to the brilliance of the other dishes we had.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-Xd1ho1fpzRBo (1).jpg

The Small Plates-

The (not so) small plates were all so good that we polished them off in a blur! Seriously, if Flash could eat, we could put him to shame :P.

The Green Garlic Risotto was cooked to precision and the creamy chive pesto sauce in which it was cooked was nothing short of dreamy! The okra relish and the lotus stem gave it the textures it needed and even if you could, there is nothing you can find wrong with this dish.

The Pan Seared Jon Dory was another beautifully made dish and the best part about this dish was the minimal nature of it.

Pan Seared Jon Dory

The Rosti & Mushrooms  is something you would want to binge eat in bed. The mushrooms were brilliantly cooked in the most creamy brown sauce and the fact that they were sitting on some crispy hash browns just added to the whole briolliance of this dish! Us being us, we added some chicken to this dish and though I really enjoyed it, I believe that the vegetarian version would taste better.


The Home Style Khow Suey was as good as it gets and even though it is very delicious, I would rather get the other dishes over it!


Grandmamas Specials-

The Egg Masala With Pav was the bohri style rendition of the good old egg curry and is delicious as hell! The gravy with the buttery Pav is just divine!

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-fcfMNooDhF8B (1).jpg

The Badi Mummy Chicken Roti was crispy and golden fried and though had the perfect flavors, I was left wanting more of the chicken filling.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-43S6yhcqsiQR (1).jpg

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-wEoHzOjTFUr8 (1).jpg
Arancini Balls


Where do I even start about the Gud Churi Roti. As the name suggests this is Grandmamas version of the traditional “Gud Papdi” and thoough it doesnt sound appealing, you absolutely must try this! The buttery crispy baked  roti with the jaggery and the whole effect that this dish has is just magical in every sense.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-amJUDIe7lhpw (1).jpg
Gud Churi Roti

The Cookie Pudding too was so very delicious and though was a little too sweet, was perfect in its consistency, flavors and textures.


As is evident from my review, my experience at the new Juhu outlet and the new items in their menu was brilliant from the start till the end and I highly recommend all you guys to try it out for yourself! If not, you will be missing out on a pretty darn good meal!

Until next time….


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