New Festive Menu at Mockingbird Cafe & Bar.


Rating – 4.5/5

Must Try – The Chimichurri Pulled Chicken Bao, Chilli Garlic Prawns, Black Rice Rissotto.

Full Review

56 Years after it was first published, To Kill A Mocking Bird is still remembered as one of the greatest, most influential book to ever have been written. This success and legacy, along with the brilliance of the book itself, is the passion and belief that the great Harper Lee for this masterpiece.

In 2015, in an ode to thois 1960 masterpiece, Deepak Purohit, with the same passion and belief, proudly opened the doors of the chic Mockingbird Cafe and Bar to the people of Bombay. Along with being an absolute commemoration to the book, Mockingbird Cafe was like the new life support to the redundant food scene in Churchgate and just like the instant success of the book, this place too, was an instantanoeus rage!

Every aspect pf the decor of this place is a celebration of the book and the attention to detail that Deepak has given to every inch of this place is nothing short of amazing. There is also a dedicated space full of books that the patrons can read while enjoying theiir meal here.

More than a year after its inception, to augment its success, Mocking Bird has introduced a very special Fesitive Menu for this festive season. Along with some fabulous cocktails and mocktails, they have also introduced some quirky and delicious food to their already amazing menu.

The drinks I tried on the day I visited were the Ping Pong  and the Summery Melon both of which were equally refreshing and delicious. The Ping Pong was a tangy comcoction of some fresh pomogranate juice along with some rasberries, lime & mint. The Summery Melon  was a little on the sweeter side with the dream combination of watermelon juice & cranberry juice done right!

The Chilli Garlic Prawns with Wasabi Mayonaise served is a part of my regular order whenever I visit this place. They always serve the freshest prawns and the best thing about their preparation is that the chef lets the prawns be the hero of this dish without doing unnecessary things to its natural, beautiful flavors.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-A4FN8HrehkQq (1).jpg
Chilli Garlic Prawns

The Bao’s served at this place are one of the finest in the city and both the Mixed Veg Bao with Beans and salad and the Chimichurri Pulled Chicken Bao were absolutely spectacular.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-Q7rRP2Me9g0Y (1).jpg
Mixed Veg Bao
imgonline-com-ua-compressed-pJgL9d13cYPM (1).jpg
Chimichurri Pulled Chicken Bao

The Tuna, Olives & Lemon Penne salad is a stunning meal in itself and the lightness of the flavors along with the fresh ingredients in this salad makes it an ideal meal for a quick working lunch!

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-WEnTQ9XjnxZJ (2).jpg

The Black Rice Risotto was a perfect example of what a Risotto should be like with the chef absolutely nailing the texture, taste and consistency of this very hard to perfect italian classic.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-kGT2WefLy7PA (1).jpg

The Fish n Chips were crispy and crunchy and the absence of unnecessarily over the top oily coating which you are generally served was a BIG POSITIVE for me.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-1q5rnMxGRLe3 (2).jpg

The Bacon Stuffed Chicken was beautifully cooked with the generous bacon stuffing being the best part of this delicious poetry of a dish.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-zIrTpZp4l7Th (1).jpg
Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Though I couldnt any desserts this time (trying to fit into clothes for the wedding season :p), I have tried the desserts here on my multiple previous visits and my absolute favorites of the lot are the Tiramisu and the Creme Brulee.

All in all, Mocking Bird Cafe & Bar has managed to be consistently brilliant in the first year of its inception and the festive menu is just a fabulous addition to their already super amazing menu. Next time you are in and around town, you absolutely must try this place out!

Untill next time…




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