Breakfast at Desi Deli.


Ratings – 4.75/5

Must Have – Brekky Dog, Wah Wah Brekky, New Orleans Desi, Praline Bacon and Shake                                Your Date.

Avoid – Chocolate Milkshake.

Full Review-

Though I am a huge sucker for Pohe, Misal, Upma, etc. there are many,many days when I wake up craving for some crispy bacon or some cheesy scrambled eggs and then, all I wish for is being transported to the quaint cafes in the streets abraod where I could satiate those cravings!

Well, now, I dont really need to be transported saat samundar paar cos all I have to do is go to Desi Deli Bandra and try the fabulous breakfast that they are now serving!

Located at Bandra and Andheri, Desi Deli has always mesmerised me with their Burgers. Infact, the Lush Lamb Burger at Desi Deli still remains to be my favorite in the city. Thus, with big expectations drawn from my prior experiences here, I visited Desi Deli to try their newly introduced Breakfast menu.

I started my meal with some of their shakes and the Shake Your Date milkshake totally blew my mind! A creamy shake with a blend of melted caramel and dates, this shake is an indulgent yet healthy breakfast in itself! Absolutely loved it. Now, I dont know whether it was the issue with the shake or the fact that it couldnt match up to the Shake Your Date, but the Rich Chocolate Milkshake that I ordered didnt really impress me.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-I46tKaGGjLoO (1).jpg
Shake The Date and Chcolate Milkshake

Everything, absolutely everything that followed the shakes was nothing short of brilliant! The Brekky Dog (chicken/pork) was a beautifully cooked sausage between a warm fresh hot dog bun and was topped with the most amazing cheesy scrambled eggs. This Brekky Hot Dog comes with a side of some beautifully sauteed garlic mushrooms and was my favorite dish of the lot!

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-a1fV7TnlXmCu (1).jpg
The Brekky Dog

My next and very close favorite was the Wah Wah Brekky .Served in a glass, this comes with veg and non veg options and is nothing but layers of delicious oats, white sauce, mushrooms, spinach and gravy (for veg) and sausages, oats, scrambled eggs and gravy (for non veg). You can also take this to go in which case they give you the exact same thing layered in a takeaway glass!

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-ONc6hcFJ5aZi (1).jpg
Wah Wah Brekky

The New Orleans Desi  was a beautiful artisnal sausage cooked in a dreamy gravy and served with the most fabulous ever Butter Milk Biscuits. I got this dish with a side of the Praline Bacon which is, hands down, the best bacon that I have tasted in Mumbai. Crunchy and crackling, the bacon here is something you just cannot leave without having!

New Orleans Desi with Praline Bacon

The Arepa which is a popular street food in Colombia and Venezuela, is a  vegetarian and gluten free breakfast option and is perfect for people who are looking to eat healthy.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-ff0BGVJuYDFw (1).jpg

Thus ended my fabulous breakfast at Desi Deli and I just absolutely cannot stop raving about it to everyone I meet. It was truly one of my best breakfast meals ever and I cannot wait to go back and eat all of it again!


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