New Tapas Menu at Ellipsis.


Rating – 4.5/5

Must Try – High Fidelity (Cocktail), Eggs Benedict, 5 Spice Wings, Local Burrata Salad, Brocollni Gratin and the French Toast.

Avoid – Chocochip Pancakes.

Full Review

Ellipsis was born out of Restaurateur Rohan Talwar’s very ambitious brilliant appetence and a belief that his unique yet elagant and classy taste for his passion will work in Mumbai. And mumbai, my friends, doesnt let down a good place…definitely not a place as fabulous as Ellipsis.

Designer Thomas Schoos is responsible for Ellipsis’s chic yet inviting decor which includesmany a vintage and contemporary artwork throughout the huge and spacious two-level space of this place and you are sure to be enthralled by the sophisticated grandeur of it all.

Ellipsis has never claimed to be modest and trust me, it is not. It is a Fine dining place and well, it is! Ellipsis has now curated a  fabulous new Tapas menu which I recently tried out and I was simply blown away with the range and brilliance of everything that I tried here.

The Drinks:

Since I was driving on the day, I stuck to one Cocktail for the whole afternoon and it was absolutele resplendence. A concoction of Campari, passion fruit, vodka and lemon, it was fresh, toxic yet beautifully flavoured.

The High Fidelity

The Food:

Our swanky and effusive lunch began with the gorgeous plate of Eggs Benedict which was served alongside some crispy potato sticks. The gooey and creamy egg on that fresh bread sandwhching some delicately flavored spinach was one of the very best I have had. What elevated this was the textural surprise that the potato sticks brought to this popular dish.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-T92rCniOUUuy (1).jpg
Eggs Benedict

The Crispy Shrimp was extremely crunchy and very well seasoned and though I did really like it, what I would change about it is probably reduce the layer of  the batter used for coating the shrimp a little.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-BdDZ9b1kR9KJ (1).jpg
Crispy Shrimp

The 5 Spice Wings for me were the dish of the night and everything from the cook on the chicken to the sticky sweet and spicyness of the sauce was perfect! The wings were served with a subtle yet tangy pineapple salsa and went just amazingly with the wings.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-XdyfECIuCKlN (1).jpg

Only Ellipsis could manage to turn something I hate – Brocolli into a dish I absolutely adored – the Brocollni Gratin! Loved the beautiful and fresh brocolli with the cheesy and flavorful parmesan hollandaise and I couldnt stop eating this dish.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-ZbXtj8W2T1ts (2).jpg

After hearing such amazing things about the Burrata here, I knew that this thing was one dish I couldnt miss. And trust me, neither should you. The Local Burrata Salad  was indeed brilliant in all senses of its being and was hands down the best Burrata I have eaten in Bombay.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-LR4izd08J6m9 (1).jpg

The Truffle Mac n Cheese and the Mushroom Pizzette  were both amazing examples of what you should do with the magic that is “CHEESE”.


imgonline-com-ua-compressed-aS7Efnqp4LA5 (1).jpg

The Desserts:

There was no way that we were leaving without ordering desserts here and we ended up calling for the Chocochip Pancakes and the French Toast. Though the Pancakes were a little bit of a let down, the French Toast was an epiphany to all the French Toasts ever made! With absolutely brilliant flavors and textures, this was a poetic end to what was a magnificent lunch.

imgonline-com-ua-compressed-kAzbnsloaiSg (1).jpg
Chocochip Pancakes.
imgonline-com-ua-compressed-TJKT8YdD0Aw7 (1).jpg
French Toast

All in all, the new Tapas additions to the already illustrous menu at Ellipsis is just going to elevate the experience that this place delivers every time! Absolutely must visit!

Until next time…..


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