Restaurant Review – Raasta Mumbai.


Ratings – 4.5/5

Must Try – Purple Haze (Bongtail), Raasta Fiery Chicken Wings, Fish Fingers, Sambuca                        Grilled Basa and Lamb Stew.

Full Review:

There is absolutely no seconds to the fact that Raasta serves up some fabulous and astounding BONGTAILS (their signature Cocktails). But what I experienced on my very first visit to this smashing place in Khar is the fact that it is NOT JUST ABOUT THE BONGTAILS.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are some groups of people who just want to get out on the weekends to drink. Me, and a majority of the people I hang out with need food…like really good food with our drinks. Raasta is just the place for such people.

First things first, we did try their signtaure Bongtails and yes, they were absolutely smashing. The best part about these Bongtails is that inspite of being highly potent, the alcohol is very well camouflaged in the brilliance of the flavors in the cocktail! The too Bongtails that you must try are the Purple Haze  and the Supernatural. For teetotalers, I highly recommend their signature mocktail – The Raasta Special.

Purple Haze
The Raasta Special.

And now, lets get down to business! FOOD! I absolutely loved everything that I ate at Raasta and though I preferred some dishes to the others, everything served to us was pretty damn great!

Since we wanted to try as many appetizers as we could, we were served platters of their best appetizers. My favorites on the Non Veg Platter were the Raasta Fiery Chicken Wings which were nice and crispy and had the most delicious jerk seasoning to it. The Herb Crumbed Chicken Fingers were delicate and delicious and though the herb seasoning added to the whole experienece, the fish was definitely the hero of this dish. The Lamb Sekkh Kebab and the Smokey Chicken Tikka were both perfectly cooked and had oodles of gorgeous flavors oozing out of it!

Somkey Chicken Tikka



The best dishes on the Vegetarian platter were the Paneer Faffa (also comes in chicken), which was Paneer and exotic vegetables stir fried in some light yet tangy coconut sauce. The Jalapeno Cheese Cigars were nice and crispy but needed a little more cheese and the Oven Roasted Potatoes were gorgeously roasted and though the flavors were all there, I think it lacked just a tad little bit of seasoning.

Paneer Faffa
Oven roasted Potatoes
Jalapeno Cigars

The best dish in the mains that we had as well as the dish of the day for me was the Sambuca Grillled Basa which, as the name suggests, was grilled Basa fish with a creamy sambuca based sauce. The attention to the minutest detail of the many small elements of this dish was what made it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Sambuca Grilled Basa

The flavors of the Rum Chika Rum Chicken, which is nothing but chicken aged with rum molasses and cooked with a thick brown dark rum sauce, were amazing. But what wouldve made this dish great was if the chicken was cooked a little better. That rum sauce though was just too good!

Rum Chika Rum Chicken

The Chicken & Chorizo Jambalaya was hands down the best Jambalya I have eaten in India and was as close to the original version as it can get!


The Kabritu (Goat Stew) too was bang on in terms of flavors and the cook of the goat was just absolutely BANG ON! Literally melt in the mouth!


Though I dont really eat Pizzas at a place which is not known for its pizzas, I highly recommend the Spit Fired Vegan Pizza. Though the name suggests otherwise, this pizza is not vegan (its vegetarian though), and the USP of this pizza is the beautiful bake on it!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Just when we though that it was physically impossible to  eat more food, we learnt of this new “coffee and dessert” cafe by Raasta and decided to try it out. Boy I am glad we did! Located on the ground floor of the same building as Raasta, this quaint little cafe is like an extension of Raasta where you can just chill with great coffee and even better desserts. The Baked Cheesecake, the Tiramisu and the Mousse Cake  are absolutely crackers of desserts and I highly recommend making a pit stop here for these desserts after a great meal at Raasta.

BeFunky Collage.jpg


All in all, apart from the fact that I had  some absolutely amazing food and drinks at Raasta, I really loved the whole vibe of this place and now that I know that they have something or the other going on throughout the week I am definitely going to frequent this place a lot more. Just when you thought thst the “Khar Lane” (consisting oif Social & Hoppipola) couldnt get better, Raasta haas comeup and guess what? IT DID! 🙂

Untill next time….


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