Craftbar – Restaurant Review.

It is now, very heartening to see that restaurants are going places and exploring food that has never been done before. Craft Bar ticks both those boxes. They do some fabulous innovative food and they have opened up in Bandra East, where not.many have dared to venture!

Craft Bar is of those “sunny” and bright bars and is one of the few bars in Bombay where you can actually see the food when you eat it :p. The colorful vibe of the place is very inviting and the interiors are super comfortable and pretty too!

I started my meal with a Pomegranate and Basil Sangria which was a good change from the regular apple and orange juice one. It was extremely refreshing and made for a great “afternoon drink”.


We started with the Caesar Salad with Shrimp Papad which was a different take.on.the classic Caesar Salad. Though I appreciated the flavors and the.idea behind this, I would prefer the classic Caesar Salad to this one.

Caesar Salad

The Cous Cous Salad however, was bang on in terms.of the cook of the Salad as well as the flavors.

Cous Cous

My favourite appetisers of the lot we tried were the Tandoori Chicken Momos which were luscious and delicious as well as the Sol Kadi Shots with Prawns Pani Puri which was a “never seen before approach on Pani Puri” wherein the Puri (made from prawn wafer) is filled with delicious prawns and is accompanied by a tangy and yum sol Kadi.

Tandoori Momos


The Paneer Tikka tarts were pretty and nice and crumbly and would’ve been really amazing had they not put so much cheese on it!


The flavors of the Butter Garlic Prawns were absolutely spot on and delicious. The cook of the prawns was however quite disappointing. The prawns were overcooked and just hampered the beauty of the whole dish for me!


My favorite main course dish was the Bacon Wrapped Chicken which was definitely one of the best versions of this very popular dish that I have tried in the city.


The Molten Lasagna was heavenly and cheese was oozing out from everywhere in this dish. I just needed a tad little more of that tomato sauce though!


Everything in the Drunken White Salmon except the cook of the fish was absolutely amazing! I could eat that Drunken White sauce all day everyday!


The desserts at Craft Bar are definitely not to be missed! The English Vinglish is a deliciously deadly combo of the good old brownie and the better old Gajar Halwa and is an absolute delight to have.


The Banana Flip Tart however took the cake.for me! Fresh and delicious this was one of the best desserts I have had for a!

All in all, except a few misses ( mainly with their overcooking of Seafood), Craft totally managed to.impress me. Bandra East is definitely getting cooler!

Until next time!


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