Must Have – Genevar Tonic (Gin based cocktail); Hush Hush Mush; Butter Chicken Risotto.

Rating – 4.5/5

Full Review

Not telling anyone about how fabulous a place “Please Dont Tell (PDT) is truly a waste of the power of words. So here goes….. PDT has managed to impress every ounce of my in each aspect of their places. Decor, service, food, drinks….everything at PDT is nothng short of utter brilliance!

The Cocktails:

The cocktails at PDT are definitely a big USP of this place. All of the cocktails I tried were delicious and what impressed me tremendously was the balance of textures and taste in each and every cocktail.The best cocktail here, for the gin lover in me is the brilliant “Genevar Tonic” which s truly the best version of Gin and Tonic I have had.

Genevar Tonic

The Watermelon flavoured “Covert Cuban” too was PDT’s version of a flavoured Mojito and was 10 times more pleasing than the regular Mojito! All the coffee lovers in the house shoudnt leave without trying their “Tainted Coffee” which is an amazingly toxic and addictive Espresso Martini.

BeFunky Collage.jpg
Covert Cuban and Tainted Coffee

The Appetisers:

The Hush Hush Mush, which are a panko fried stuffed mushrooms, were not only the best appetiser here, but also was the dish of the day! Fresh mushrooms were stuffed with some delicate cheese and spinach and were fried to absolute perfection.

Hush Hush Mush

The Sticky Chicken Fingers were sticky as promised and unexpectedly spicy and though the flavors ere brilliant, I  think they needed a sticky sweet sauce over it.

Sticky Chicken Fingers

The Chicks on Sticks were delicious Teriyaki Chicken Satays and what I loved more than the brilliant teders was the out of the world Peanut Butter dip with the satay.

Chicks on Sticks

The taste and textures of the Feta Off Without You were brilliant but what it needed was a little more Feta cheese on top.

Feta off without you.

The Mains:

I normally avoid trying fusion of 2 cuisines since I believe that the attributes of each cuisine  have a distinct identity which needs to be respected. But what PDT does with their masterpiece of a Butter Chicken Risotto is absolutely profound! The Butter Chicken is creamy and on the sweeter side which is exactly how I like it and the cook on the risotto is beyond perfect (a la dente)! This dish is served with Parmesan shavings which you can sprinkle on top.

Butter Chicken Risotto

The Chicken Lasagna was saucy and cheesy and though the cheese was quite over used, I am sure that people will enjoy this dish a lot!

BeFunky Collage.jpg
Chicken Lasagne

For people who have eaten Fish n Chips in UK, you know what the real deal is right? Well PDT doesn’t give you that good a plate of Fish n Chips but they do manage to come pretty damn close! Very, very impressed!

Fish n Chips

The Desserts:

They do not have a lot of desserts on their menu and the Baked Cheesecake was a very easy choice for me. It was nice and crumbly and though not the best I have had, was definitely one of the better ones!

Baked Cheesecake

All in all, PDT, which I expected to be a “have a drink and few starters” place proved to be a place where I would want to enjoy a full meal. They are passionate about the food and the drinks they serve and that shows in their service as well as their food. This one is definitely a MUST VISIT!

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