Taste Case – Discovery at your Doorstep.

What better discovery than the discovery of food right? Well, Taste Case now, gives us an opportunity to discover fresh new products of healthy and artisan food at the comfort of your home and that too, monthly!

Taste Case is the brainchild of Shop Hop, which is a curated marketplace of the finest natural, artisanal and homegrown brands from across India. The USP of Shop Hop is that they source the most innovative brands from homes, kitchens, farms and markets across the country and showcase these brands to us consumers.

ShopHop has now, through “Taste Case” started curating four amazing new brands for you to taste and enjoy every month which s delivered to you in a superb box with all the information about the products in the box. Sourced from entrepreneurs across the country, each of these brands is natural, artisanal or homegrown – giving you a fresh new culinary experience.

This was the first month of my subscription to Taste Case and I was blown away with the packaging, variety and the taste of everything in the box. The Marzipan Candies, the Raw Mango Pickle, the Ginger Candy…..absolutely everything in the box was top notch and more than worth the price.

BeFunky Collage.jpg


This month’s brands!
The Box

I have already gotten a 6 month subscription and am already too excited to see whats going to be in the next box!  The 3 month Subscription will cost you Rs. 2000 and the 6 month Subscription will cost you Rs. 4000.

You can get more information about their products and place your orders here.

Untill Next time….


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