The White Owl experience.

At a time when “Pune” was the only place that Mumbaikars could enjoy the “Brewery experience, White Owl was one of the very first Micro Breweries to open shop in Bombay. Cut to today, where there is a huge upsurging of Breweries all over the city, what it is that has made White Owl stand out? Find out for yourself….

The Location:

When most of the micro breweries n the city are popping up in and around Andheri, White Owl is located in Lower Parel (IndiaBulls Building) which totally works for them cos well, lets be honest, after a long day of work in town, do you really want to travel all the way to Andheri for a beer? But is

The Ambience:

While a majority of the places nowadays  go for either the “ragged hippie look” or the “too posh to handle look”, White Owl has managed to create an ambiance and a vibe that is both classy yet unexcessive. The beauty of White Owl is that its charm lies in its minimalist style and this s one place that you wont be tired of visiting.

The Beer and others:

Well of course the Beer! White Owl has always been known for its exclusive and innovative Brews! The knowledge and passion for the art of brewing beer that the “Brewers” at White Owl have shows in the outcome that is served to its patrons.

You can ask the server for tasting portions of the Brews on tap out of which you can select the one you love.

BeFunky Collage1.jpg

My constant favourites here are the Diablo, which is an Irish Ale with a beautiful roasty and caramel flavour and the Spark which is a Belgian Wit with a mild and aromatic orange citrus flavour.

They also, every now and then, introduce some amazing, seasonal Brews which you must try! I am a big fan of their Christmas special brew – The Elf which is an Ale with some gorgeous notes of cinnamon and nutmeg.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

On another note, White Owl Brewery has recently launched India’s first “Kegger” which is a 5-Litre Mini-Keg filled with delicious craft beer making it the ideal choice for any house party and is available on rent for a period of 2-3 days after producing a one-day liquor license and paying a security deposit of Rs. 5000. The pricing starts from INR 2,250 all inclusive.

BeFunky Collage2.jpg
The Spark Kegger that i recently ordered for a House Party!

They also have some fruity Sangrias which I absolutely adore whenever I am not in mood for a beer.


The Food:

And now the food! This will take a while :P. What I love about the food at White Owl is that inspite of the fact that people, after drinking, love to gorge on unhealthy grub, White Owl has managed to curate an astute menu which is gourmet and at the same time pairs beautifully with your drinks.

The Chef’s Gourmet Popcorn is a beautifuly elevating take on our regular popcorn and is a perfect munchy with your Beer. The flavours of Popcorn served in this are Parmesan & Chives, Black Pepper Chaat and Firecracker and each flavor is packed with tremendous zest.

Gourmet Popcorn

The Roasted Mushroom and Caramelised Onion Bruschetta was loaded with beautiful roasted mushrooms and cheese and though it was indulgent, I wanted a little more of the cheese and a little more of the sweet caramelised onion.


The Verdure Flatbread is some crispy flatbread loaded with Rucola leaves, charred mushrooms and roasted peppers and is gorgeously flavoured with garlic oil and pesto sauce. If you are a fan of Rucola, like me, you must definitely not miss this one!

The Flatbread

The Charred Corn and Potato Croquettes, though delicious and cheesy, are very similar to croquettes that you can find anywhere else and with so many other amazing options in the menu, I recommend that you give them a miss.

The Vada Pav Poppers are a new addition to their menu and you must try it!

White Owl also serves some delicious Blackened Red Snapper Skewers and the Jerk Chicken Skewers, both of which are moist and exquisitely piquant.

BeFunky Collage3.jpg

The Beer Braised Chicken Toastadas is a an amalgamation of some perfectly pulled chicken with some perfectly seasoned salsa on a perfectly crispy toastada, making it a PERFECT appetiser! 😛

Chicken Toastadas
Samosa topped with Chicken – ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

Unlike most of the places I go to, White Owl is one place that I dont like missing the “mains” just cos they are to damn delicious! The Basil Infused Grilled Chicken is grilled to perfection and is stuffed with some delicious mushroom and is my absolute favourite thing to have.

Basil infused grilled chicken.

Another dish that I really love here is their Pan Seared Red Snapper which is served with a lentil ragu and braised greens and is a perfect options for those looking for delicious yet healthy food.

Red Snapper

Inspite of being a hard core non vegetarian, the vegetarian Sundried Tomato and Asparagus Risotto is a dish I just cannot NOT ORDER! The perfectly cooked and textured risotto is topped with a Parmesan crumble and I can honestly pig out on this all day everyday!


If, after some beers, you get that feeling where you want to eat cheese and more cheese, I highly recommend that you try their cheesy and indulgent Mac N Cheese! You can truly, never have too much of it!

Mac n Cheese

I also, almost always, order their Chorizo Mash cos well…its chorizo….and mash! 😛

Chorizo Mash

The Desserts:

They say – “Save Room for Dessert”. I say- “You dont need room for dessert, you need to get a room with it!”:P

The Caramalised Banana Toffee Tart and the Grilled Pear and Apple Crumble are my favorite desserts at White Owl. The shortbread crust of both the tart and the crumble are baked fresh and inhouse and that totally elevates the whole experience. Both these desserts are served with their inhouse ice cream and the combination of the cold ice cream with the warmth of the Tarts is an absolutely dreamy combination.

Caramelised Banana Toffee Tart
Apple and Pear Crumble

All in all, a meal at White Owl or even a couple of Beers there, are enough to make you fall in love with this place. It has, since its inception managed to maintain, better even, the quality and the experience that they deliver to its patrons and I am sure that they will continue to do so. If fabulous beers, top notch service and exquisitely delicious food are not enough to make you want to visit…well, I cant really say anything to that 😛

Until next time…


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