New York in Bandra!

New York, they say, is the greatest city in the world….and yeah….in many way it is. But, what it is that makes it..not just great, but the Greatest? Its nothing but the fact that, unless you have shut off.your senses, you will  fall in love with the city the moment you step foot in it. It’s not individual things but a combination of each of those individual things that arouse such strong feelings of love for this City and yes, food is a Big Big factor! it always is!

The food in New York is in many ways like the food in Bombay. It doesn’t have a cuisine of its own, but each cuisine from.around the world that this city has to offer has its own distinct and very special style – the New York Style.

It Happened In New York tries to bring  this very New York style to Mumbai and thanks to the awesome chefs (who have largely stayed in the US and experienced the food first hand) that this place has, they are largely successful in doing so!

Located at the prime location in Bandra – Chapel Street, It Happened In New York is a 3 storeyed restaurant. The ground floor is being developed into a typical New York style deli, the first floor is designed like an all American Diner and the top terrace (which is my favourite place) is a poetic ode to the heart of NY city – Central Park. Each floor of this swank machine has a beautiful personality of its own, the deli being perfect for a good coffee and sandwich, the diner for a casual and fun meal and the terrace perfect for date night or a weekend wind down!

The cocktails served here are unlike what you get anywhere else in the city. Each cocktail served here is inspired from the first ever book of cocktails which has been written by Jerry Thomas, where? In NY! The is divided.into 8 chapters, each chapter having a distinct identity of its own!  What I loved about this place is that the bartenders have been hired and trained to actually master what they are trying to do through this brilliant idea. Concepts are a very common thing but what is not common is nailing the materialisation of those concepts and IHINY does that very thing perfectly!

I tried quite a few cocktails here out of which my absolute favourite was the Summer Break Smash. This vodka based cocktail was a beautiful concoction of apricot, pineapple and lime with a fragrant rosemary garnish. You seriously have to try it to understand how good it really was.


The Gin based Westside Smash is another cocktail you will love if, like me, Gin and Tonic is your poison.

This place also serves some kick-ass Mai Tai’s and Whiskey Sour which u must try if you love these classics!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

The food menu of this place is very stylish yet very No Nonsense…. basically, very New York! Though  the cuisines are from the whole of US, the style of the food is Nee York and that’s exactly what happens in New York!


The assorted Popped Corn is a tribute to the amazing Woody Allen and is just as smashing as his movies and well, him! All the three flavors of Moringa and Caramel, Truffles and rosemary and the Furikake and Bonito butter are gorgeous in their.own.way. My fab though was the Truffle and rosemary!


They have some.brilliant Soft Shelled Tacos on their menu which I tried too. The chicken was super and the  home made taco shells even better. but what was.absolutely amazing was the dreamy and creamy sour cream which was absolute perfection!


The Corn Dogs were nice and crisp and will surely take u back into the Yankees stadium!


The Crispy Calamari though was my favourite appetiser that night. Coated in a airy amaranth crumble, the calamari was fried to perfection and was something you will be unable to stop munching on.


The Gorgeous Old Bay Crab Cake was luscious and the flavors of the crab cake with the gorgeous in-house baked sage biscuit was like a match made in heaven… Hogwarts I mean :p.


Both the Manhattan Seafood Chowder and the Seafood Bowl are extremely authentic and that means that they are made from.seafood stock which finally means that they have a very fishy smell and taste to it. Real, hard core seafood lovers will fall in love with these.dishes, I know I did! The people who dont enjoy seafood or are new to seafood should definitely stay away from.these.

BeFunky Collage.jpg
The Grilled Cheese Sandwich was made from a beautiful in house multi grain bread and was oozing with gorgeous cheese. This sandwich is what I have been. dreaming about all my life!

The Korean Fried Chicken was fried to perfection and went perfectly with the spicy hot sauce smothered on it. The waffle served with it was a little dry and I chose to ignore that and concentrate on the chicken.



All the FRIENDS lovers in the house…. remember that “Mama’s Little Bakery”? Well, seems like the chef here was working there cos the New York Cheesecake here is the best I have ever eaten. In fact it was a tad little better than what I ate in New York! If this one would’ve fallen.on the floor, me.too, like Joey would’ve started eating from.the floor!




The hardest thing I feel that IHINY is facing is that both the “Mumbai cuisine” and “New York  Cuisine”, though very different in the literal sense, are very characteristically similar, almost  rivalrous even. What we must understand though is that that no.matter what cuisine is better, what is important is that the food wins and that it truly does at It Happened in New York..

Everyone here, from.the amazing owners to the superb staff is very passionate about this place and what they are doing each minute.of each day to serve that passionate to their patrons is truly amazing.

I for one am totally smitten by this place and I promise you will be too!

until next time!


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