Puraani Dilli Ki Chaat at Gaylords.

When you think of Street Food, the very first city that comes to the mind is Delhi….Old Delhi to be precise. Nothing in the world can match up to the gorgeous chaat, kachoris, chole bhature that you get on those tiny streets of Old Delhi.

Gaylords has, for this whole month, introduced the Puraani Dilli Ki Chaat Festival for its patrons which I tried and  I can say that I was mesmerised with all the aspects of it – the presentation,  the food and the always so courteous Gaylords service.

The Gol Guppas were served in some cute shot glasses and had 3 varieties of chutneys to it. Some of us mixed the chutneys and some f us had the individuals chutneys separately. What was common was that either way, it was absolutely smashing.

Gol Guppas

The next dish, which was my favourite and which I still am not over, is the absolutely delicious Dilli Ki Papdi Chaat. Everything about this dish from the crispy papdi to the flavorful chutneys and ofcourse that delicate and airy dahi vada, was just absolute perfection.

Dilli Ki Papdi Chaat

The Dilli Ki Aloo Tikki which was very similar to the Papdi Chaat was also extremely delicious and while some preferred this to the Papdi Chaat, some like me stayed loyal to the Papdi Chaat!

Dilli Ki Aloo Tikki

The Matra Khulcha was subtle yet spicy and the airy khulcha with the flavourful matra was an absolutely smashing combo.

Matra Khulcha

While the Mirchi Ki Chaat was great, the Ram Ki Ladoo failed to impress me one bit and is totally avoidable!

Mirchi Ki Chaat
Ram Ladoo

We ended our meal on a high with the most amazing Jalebi and Doodh. The Crispy and Hot jalebi was an absolute cracker of a dessert by itself. But its combination with the rich and creamy rabdi was heavenly!!

Jalebi with Doodh

All in all, after my experience with the chaat here, I can safely say that Gaylords has truly managed to bring the essence of Dilli into its fine dining space and is a must have for all Chaat lovers!

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