The Masala Bar Experience.

I have always believed that Food is an art. A constantly evolving art. An art which can be expressed in unimaginable and so many different ways. Masala Bar too, simply expresses food in its own special way. You can experience food and drinks here in a way that not many places allow you to.

A lot of places in Bombay serve good food, some even great food….but a countable ones give you an experience unlike anything else you have ever tried. Masala Bar is one of those countable ones.

Masala Bar is well, a Bar, and the cocktails here have always been and still remain to be their biggest USP. Each cocktail is a scientific concoction of the most beautiful spirits and fresh ingredients which is explained in their menu in the most delightful way! (Cos everyone wants to know what they are having right?

The Gin Based, grapefruit flavored Mumbai Matinee and the Vodka Based Malabar Point were the most gorgeous cocktails I have tried! Not only did they taste good, but they were truly a celebration of all your sensed in a truly special way.

BeFunky Collage.jpg
Malabar Point (l) and Mumbai Matinee (r)

Generally I recommend my readers on what to try and what to avoid. But this time, in spite of making a lot of effort to prefer one thing over the other, there was absolutely nothing here that I did not like.

The salads here are something you must not miss. If you eat Duck, there is no way in hell that you can miss the Duck Orange Salad! The duck is crispy and beautifully spiced and goes perfectly with the beautiful and citrusy orange segments. The Figs and Honey salad is a must have for vegetarians and is a beautiful play on textures and flavors of the figs, honey, rocket leaves and feta.

Duck and Orange Salad
Fig & Honey Salad

They have some really delicious Lamb Barrah Khurchaan which is basically some beautifully cooked lamb served on a Khari and is perfect for some small bites.

Lamb Barrah Khurchaan
Tofu Khurchaan

The Carbon Pao and Carbon Bhaji is a dish that you absolutely must have irrespective of whether you are Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian. The Pav Bhaji is absolutely delicious and served with some warm and soft pav, both of which are sprinkled with edible carbon dust. The Baked Potatoes stuffed with beets and apples as well as the Chilli Poppers stuffed with cheese are some great options for vegetarians.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

The Curry Leaf Infused Prawns and the Crab Dumplings with Kasundi are the unmissable non veg appetizers…especially if you too, love your seafood!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

The Yellow Curry Risotto is like a dream combination of too very contrasting cuisines! The screaming thai flavors of the yellow curry with the subtle delicateness of the Italian risotto is a combination that they have absolutely nailed!


Not many people here know Japanese cuisine beyond Sushi. Katsu curry is a Japanese specialty curry which not many can nail. Masala library has made a stupendous dish out of the beautiful flavors of the Katsu curry and the garlicky spaghetti aglio olio which they have absolutely perfected!


They say that you find the most surprising things at the most unexpected places. The Butter Chicken here, was surprisingly one of the best have ever eaten anywhere in the world!  The best part of this butter chicken is that it is not made excessively butter just for the sake of its taste. The spices and the cook of this dish are what do the talking and is a NOT TO MISS dish here! TRUST ME!


Matcha is a flavor that many have started using, but hardly anyone has managed to realize its full potential. Masala Bar has managed to amalgamate the beautiful and strong matcha flavors in an ice cream, along with the softest and the most luscious red velvet pastry in their signature dessert. It is a perfect end to a fabulous meal or a perfect dessert to have when you feel like indulging!


The food at Masala Bar is truly unique. They have, without catering to a particular cuisine and style, managed to take the best parts of cuisines and flavors across the world and then combine them beautifully to present them to us. A meal here is not just a meal….it is a gastranomical experience of the highest level and I for one, highly recommend this place to everyone!

Until next time…

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