Masala Library

No matter what you say, what you think, what you do in life….people will have something negative to say about it! So what is really important is that the people who actually matter have good things to say about it.

Well, when it Masala Library, I can say without any inkling of doubt that anyone who knows anything about food or genuinely enjoys good food will or has already fallen in love with this place.

Masala Library has one motto which is clear in all aspects of their food, decor and their service and that is “Serve Memories, Not Just Food!” and there is no compromise of any kind in the routes to the pursuit of this very motto which is exactly what makes the whole experience at Masala Library special!

Though their a la carte menu is quite enticing, I recommend that you opt for their set tasting course where they serve you bite size portions of the best dishes they serve. the best part is that it’s a blind tasting and you have no idea what they will be serving you! (they ask for your diet preferences and allergies of course).

Any meal at Masala Library starts with an Amuse Bouche which is a Ras Malai with popping Malai in it and their home made bread which is a gorgeous in-house baked bread infused with thyme, cheese and butter. this, I promise will be the best bun of bread that you have ever eaten!



As my first course, I was served a gorgeous rendition of the Pattra Ni Macchi in a soup. Though very uncomplicated, this was a brilliant dish which was executed even more brilliantly!


The next course was their Curry Leaf and Pepper Prawns Salad which was served on some nice and creamy curd rice with some crisp banana chips. this dish was screaming of the glorious south Indian flavors and was a beautiful display of textures and flavors.


Out of the appetizers that we were presented with, my favorite had to be the Braised Mutton Champ. The mutton chops had a mirror like maple and glaze to it which elevated the gorgeous piece of that mutton to another level altogether! The Galouti Kebab too was amazingly creamy and was served with this cute and buttery bite sized vargi paratha.


The Peri Peri Chicken Tikka was perfectly seasoned and was cooked to absolute glory as well.


Though the sear on the beautiful scallop that we had was absolute perfection, it’s combination with the peanut butter salan and the nutcracker salad was something I l enjoy personally.


I tried two mains out of which, though the Kashmiri Chilli Duck was a brilliant piece of meat cooked and served with some great flavors of the Kashmiri curry, the clear winner for me was the Rawas served with a creamy and coconuty Malaya curry and a crab and spinach poriyal. the whole combination of the beautiful Rawas with the flavors of the curry which were absolutely nailed and the texture of the poriyal were a heavenly combination!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

In spite of every aspect of the meal being so damn good, the desserts definitely werethe best part of the meal (imagine how good it was!) The Ras Malai Tres Leches would
easily classify as one of the finest renditions of an authentic Tres Leches Cake. But the absolute and surreal brilliance of the Jalebi Caviar on Rabdi is what overshadows every dessert that you have ever had. Crunchy Jalebi Caviar in some creamy rabdi served with some saffron foam, this dessert is truly the best dishes here or anywhere for that matter!
You can pair your meal at this place with some.great cocktails out of which the Curry Leaf Martini is definitely a must try.
BeFunky Collagex.jpg
All in all,  there is no denying that masala library is an expensive fine dining restaurant. But what I can say is that this place, right from.the moment you enter and until you leave totally justifies the kind of money they charge for it. Definitely one of the finest restaurants in the country!
Until next time…

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