Su Casa in Bandra

Su Casa, meaning “My House” is the newest addition to Bandra’s fine dining scene and sure is one hell of an addition.

With an Al Fresco dining area and a large indoor dining room, Su Casa is the perfect space where you can spend sun-soaked afternoons, enjoying a leisurely lunch with your girl friends (I am totally picturing a Sex And The City” girls brunch), or a special dinner with friends & family. Whatever the occasion be, Su Casa imanages to make you feel comfortable, like you are home (a bloody fancy home at that).

Su Casa boasts of being a European food place and its  menu consists of European favourites that include fresh and healthy salads, small plates to nibble on, scrumptious large plates and decadent desserts.

Su Casa has a great mix of some brilliant cocktails (with the most peculiar names ever) and my favourite cocktail from their menu had to be the refreshing “Desparado”.


The Nicoise Salad at Su Casa is one of the finest versions of this delicacy in the city and the runny egg with the fresh lettuce and the beautiful tuna worked together like a dream.

Nicoise Salad

The Patata Bravas is a brilliant version of this Spanish delicacy and the confit potatoes are absolutely marvellous to eat.

Patata Bravas

The Chicken Drumsticks here is one dish that no one should miss out on here. It is packed with flavor, textures and everything in between and is definitely a must have.

Chicken Drumsticks

Not too behind were the Chicken Skewers and the Frito Misto which were both absolutely delightful to gorge on.

Frito Misto

The Pan Seared Jon Dory is undoubtedly the best dish on their menu. The beautiful piece of fish was seared to serenity and the caper butter was the perfect compliment to that amazing fish.

Jon Dory

The Roast Chicken is a fabulous option for people who dont eat seafood and not nly was the chicken roasted to perfection but it was complimented with some brilliant jus gravy and root veggies.

Roast Chicken

Though the Penne Pesto sounds and reads very basic on the menu, the intensity of the flavors of the sauce and the cook on the pasta was absolutely poetic.

Penne Pesto

Though the Creamy Polenta was perfect in its textures, the mushroom sauce in it was not something I enjoyed having.

Creamy Polenta

After the dactylically scintillating food at Su Casa, the Baked Cheesecake here is the best way to conclude an “almost” perfect meal. Creamy, rich and decadent, it truly is one of the most amazing cheesecakes in the city.

Baked Cheesecake

Apart from the regular food, the menu  at Su Casa also includes hearty breakfast options, so you always start your day off right. They also hosts regular gigs and lavish Sunday Brunches which you must try..

All in all, though on the expensive side, Su Casa totally justifies the price that they charge. The food is delicious, cocktails are potent and the service is absolutely fabulous. Though you may not be able to make this “your home”, you sure can visit this place to mark a special occasion or maybe for an occasional indulgence. The essence of Europe has been captured brilliantly in every aspect of this place and I can promise you that a meal at this place will definitely make you very happy.

Until next time…

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