Welcome D:OH to the city!

D:OH, located right next to Grandmamas Cafe (Kamala Mills), is sure to catch your eye. A huge balloon of Dave Beardman (their mascot) tied outside, DOH in its first look comes across like a fun, quirky place and it will definitely make you want to visit and on entering it you will realise that well, IT IS! A reliving change from all the dark and mystic places around, DOH, with its bright and fun interiors, is like a breath of fresh air!

DOH is a real fun place that you can enjoy with your friends or your family too! They have games to play while you enjoy your time there. They also have a great “Pour your own beer” kiosk where you can pour your favourite beer and enjoy it. (Trust me, its a lot of fun!). (PS. They haven’t gotten their liquor license yet, but they are for now, serving alcohol on weekends!)

Coming to their menu, the general sense of it is that it is – different. Though limited, each item on their menu is a dish that you would have never tried before and if you are anything like me, you will want to order absolutely everything off their menu!

DOH has some brilliant Freak-shakes on their menu and the best part is that, for a change, they actually taste as good as they look! The Freak Cake was my favourite of the lot which was a deadly combination of Cheesecake and Salted Caramel. We also tried their festive special Holi Freak which was a special treat they had put up for Holi and it looked ad tasted absolutely brilliant!

Freak Cake.
Holy Freak.

Their regular shakes are pretty good too and the Salted Caramel & Pretzel and the Oreo Shake were absolutely delicious!

Oreo Shake and Salted Caramel Pretzel Shake.

I also tried one of their adult shakes – The Bacon Shake which is a must try for all bacon lovers out there! However if there is anything I would change about it, I would add an extra pinch of salt to it.

Bacon Shake.

When it comes to food, absolutely everything off their menu is equally enticing. The vegetarians out rhere absolutely cannot miss out on the Hottest Wicked Fries, the Crumb Fried Mushrooms and the Dunked Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich. The PBJ in particular is a must have inspite of the knowledge that it is heart attack on a plate!

Hottest Wicked Fries.
Crumb Fried Mushrooms.
Dunked Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich.

The Non Vegetarians must definitely try out the Wok Tossed Chilli Chicken Wings. This is definitely one of the best things n their menu and the sticky sauce in which the wings are coated, is absolutely orgasmic. The Amritsari Fish and Chips is also something I really enjoyed.

Wok Tossed Chilli Chicken Wings
Amritsari Fish n Chips


Though the Crispy Sriracha Chicken Tenders were crispy and crunchy, they lacked seasoning to it and though the Prawn and Scallion Dumplings were flavorful and juicy, the dumpling skin was a tad too thick for my liking.

Crispy Sriracha Chicken Tenders
Prawn and Scallion Dumplings

The Barbeque Chicken Melt is an absolute must have here, no matter how full you are! Its meaty, cheesy and everything in between! The Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich doesn’t quite live upto that and is avoidable.

The Barbeque Chicken Melt.
The Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich

Unfortunately, these are all the items we managed to try from the menu. It was physically impossible to try anything else and I am definitely going to make a trip back for their Mac n Cheese et all!

The best part about DOH is the generosity of their portions at extremely reasonable prices. The food here is very affordable and enjoyable which, now a days, is a rare combination. Their whole setting and their menu is designed to cater to all and it truly does appeal equally to a kid and an adult.

All in all I feel that DOH is the exact thing that the city needed right now and I am already a fan!

(PS. They also have a nice breakfast menu and an amazing take out bakes and salads counter which you must try!)

Until next time…

D:OH! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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