Genuine Broaster Chicken in Bandra!

What levitate’s Broaster Chicken from the KFC’s and McDonalds is the “genuine” indianness it has to it! Broaster has tied up with celebrated Chef Harpal Sokhi who has “Indianness” bursting out of every inch of his being and this very Indianness is what you can taste in the food served here.

Now open in Bandra (west), the ambiance of this place screams of rock and chic! The interiors are done really differently and the funky tables and vernal feel of this place is absolutely magnetic.

The best thing that happened to me at this meal was that the dish I was looking forward to the most – “Happy Fried Chicken” was the dish of the night! (that rarely happens :P) Perfectly crispy and moist,every bite of this succulent chicken was packed with flavor. They serve 3 addictive dips along with the fried chicken and they are bloody good.

Happy Fried Chicken

They have newly introduced a wide variety of delicious Chicken Wings in their menu out of which the Butter Garlic Wings and the Kung Pao Wings were my absolute favorites! I shamelessly licked my fingers 😛

BeFunky Collage 2.jpg
Wings Paradise

The Melting Chicken Pillows are the thing for you if you love an overdose of cheese! I for one didn’t enjoy it as much as the rest of the stuff I tried.

Chicken Cheese Pillows

The Firangi Palak Chicken Dip though is a NOT TO MISS! Unlike anything I have tried before, this dip is comforting, delicious and absolutely healthy! I loved it so much that after a point, i ignored the Pita bread served with it and just gobbled down spoon fulls of that delicious dip!

Firangi Chicken Palak Dip

The Indie Makhni Chicken Fries were quite ordinary and are avoidable.

Indie Chicken Makhni Fries

The Burgers here are one of their highest sellers and rightly so! Far superior to the Burgers available at other “fast food” joints (you know what I am talking about :P), the burgers here are exclusive, colorful, influenced with Indian flavors and of course, absolutely DELICIOUS!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

The Non Veg Ghotala Khichadi is a dish that you cannot leave without trying! Comforting khichadi combined with flavorful kheema and chicken, this one is a MUST HAVE!

Non Veg Ghotala Khichadi

They have also introduced some very innovative and different desserts out of which the Chocolate Samosa with Mango Ice Cream and the Oreo Phirni are NOT TO MISS! Seriously, try them!


They also have some uber cool beverages to go along with the delicious food out of which the BulBul Soda and the Salted Caramel Shake are my personal picks!

BeFunky Collagef.jpg

All in all, with funky interiors, inexpensive pricing and absolutely innovative and delicious food, Genuine Broaster Chicken is a perfect place for a nice casual and laid back meal. With a couple more outlets in the pipeline, this one is definitely a place to look out for!

Also, HFC > KFC (Happy Fried Chicken > Kentucky Fried Chicken) 😛

Until next time!

Genuine Broaster Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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