Amanzi Sky Deck.

Me being me, I have this habit of judging things and people on their face value! I look at something or someone and i make up my mind as to what or how that thing or person is.

With Amanzi too, before going there I had presumed that it is going to be one of those chiller places where you have sheesha, drink and lounge around….like one of those places after which you need to eat some greasy Bhurjee Pav. But Amanzi definitely managed to change this prejudice I had for this place.

Well, to be honest, it is a chiller place and it is perfect for lounging around. But what it also is that it serves some brilliant food and even better cocktails. The food here is delicious, healthy and trust me, you don’t need no bhurjee pav after this! (Hi fi if you sang in your head – ” you dont need no mooooneyyy” #SIARocks)

Located on the terrace of C’est La Vie, this place is next to the Club swimming pool which makes sure that apart from giving the place a great ambiance, it is also always very cool there! Also, the people dining at Amanzi have access to the pool and that just adds to the whole awesomeness of Amanzi!

Amanzi has a whole lot of some brilliant Molecular Cocktails out of which the The Snapchat Cocktail is a must have. It is made using liquid nitrogen, watermelon and some refreshing ginger juice and there is no way that you can NOT snap it to your snapchatters :P. I also tried the Freshly Screwed and the Amanziiinngg Sex, both of which were absolutely fabulous.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

The Cigars of Corn Scallion and Cheese are delicate baked pastry rolls stuffed with corn, cheese and scallions and are an absolute must have!


The Crinkle Cut Fries though not as good as the curly fries at Shake Shack, are pretty great and a great substitute for the same old boring french fries.


The Nacho Bowl  here is a great sharing plate to order in a big group of people! The guacamole is absolutely on point!


Amanzi truly serves one of the best Prawns Tempura in the city and you cant leave without trying this.


The Mixed Meat Sliders which are a portion of 3 sliders (chicken, fish and lamb each) all three of which are absolutely delicious in their own special way! No points for guessing that the Fish Slider was my favorite :P!


The Lemongrass Infused Chicken Tikka was well cooked and spicy, but unfortunately I couldn’t taste any lemongrass in it which was a little disappointing. The Tandoori Broccoli was too spicy for my liking and is definitely avoidable.


The Butchers Block Pizza here is a meat lovers paradise and is truly one of the best Pizzas in the city. The proportion of the crust to the meat and the cheese is absolutely perfect and you should definitely try the pizzas here (this pizza if you eat all meats).


The mains here are something that hardly any restaurant in the city serves. The Vegetarian Tagine, the Gnocchi and the Grilled Fish are the three mains that I tried and inspite of the vast variety of their cuisine, each dish was equally amazing and delicious!





All in all, the food and drinks at Amanzi are its biggest USP which is rare for a lounge like place in the city! The chef at Amanzi has traveled extensively across the globe and it is this very inspiration from his travels is what you can witness in the food here. I am super impressed with this place and looking forward to all the pool party brunches and evenings that they have in their pipeline!

PS. – They also have some really great Sheesha available here!  (DO YOU REALLY NEED ANYMORE REASONS TO VISIT??)

Until next time….

Amanzi Sky Deck & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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