Pizzaiolo at Celini!

Pizza, I truly believe, is one of the most abused terms and food in this country! 75% of the people here, who claim to be lovers of Pizza have never really eaten “Real Pizza”.

The essence of a great Pizza is its crust and then its toppings. An amazing, authentic crust with the freshest of meats and veggies with a delicious tomato pizza sauce, thats what is a  “REAL PIZZA”. The shit that the QSR’s serve in the name of Pizza isnt!

Well, Celini is undoubtedly one of the top 5 places serving the best pizzas in the city! Infact, they serve the best Pepperoni Pizza in Mumbai! Its good enough to make vegetarians eat Pork! (Yeah, has happened twice)!:P

Anyway, to add to their already brilliant food, Grand Hyatt has invited the master of Pizza himself – Chef Pasqualino Barbasso  all the way from Sicily. A pizzaiolo since the age of 17 & World Champion of Pizza Acrobats, chef is not only to make some of the most delicious pizzas, but also have some acrobatic fun with them. He twists, twirls, spins and juggles his pizza dough like a boss, so fast that blink an eye and you’ll miss something jaw dropping.

His pizzas are just as exquisite as the entertaining act to make them and we were fortunate enough to witness his charm and talent as well as taste his epic Pizzas! Chef Barbasso has intricately curated a menu of some of his most amazing Pizzas each of which is just as brilliant as the other! Flawless Pizza crust, the most invigorating toppings and some brilliant and vertiable types of cheese all the way from Italy, this experience is truly a perfect exemplification of what it is to “eat through all of your senses”!

My favorite pizza of the lot was undoubtedly the – Alle Noci. Topped with mozzarella, gorgonzola, a beautiful walnut cream and walnuts and some fresh shaved Parmesan, this pizza is one of the best Pizzas I have tried in Italy and India!


This was followed by my all time favorite – Pepperoni Pizza. Seriously, try it to believe how amazing it is!


The Lilly is another beautiful pizza topped with some delicate pumpkin cream and some fresh shrimp and grilled zucchini! It truly tastes as amazing as it sounds.


Apart from these, they also have a huge variety of other gorgeous pizzas picked specially by Chef Barbossa himself!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Pair these with Celini’s fabulous collection of wines and their briliant desserts (best Tiramisu ever!!) and you will experience a Pizza experience like never before – The Real Pizza Experience!

BeFunky Collageh

Chef Barbossa  along with creating an extraordinary gourmet experience for the diners, also does a great show of his illustrious “Pizza Acrobatica” which is a must watch!  He is here at Celini from March 24 – April 2, 2017  and you must absolutely visit and try it for yourself!

Unti next time…


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