Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails at The Daily Bar & Kitchen.

The Daily Bar & Kitchen has very recently introduced some kick-ass Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails in their cocktail menu.and they are all sorts of fabulous ❤

Cold brew coffee is a concept that is slowly, but very popularly catching up in Bombay and though hot brewed coffee is still the most popular method, cold brew is not only better but also a healthier option.

Cold Brew coffee is nearly 65% less acidic making the it way smoother, naturally sweeter and really easy on the stomach which works perfectly for the cocktails.

The most pleasing part about these cocktails is that you can distinctively taste all the notes of the coffee, the mixers and the spirits right from the very first sip and at the same time, they come together is a magical way to create a drink that is not only refreshing, but also extremely delicious.

The Expresso Noir had to be my favorite cocktail which was a charismatic concoction of Vodka, vanilla and some smooth cold pressed coffee.

The Expresso Noir

This was followed by the Wake Up Call which was a bitter yet pleasingly sweet cocktail made from Vodka, Gin, Tonic Water and some fragrant orange infused cold pressed coffee.

Wake Up Call

The Roast and Toast, true its name, was nice and roasty and tasted nice and fruity with the brilliant use of dark rum, banana and orange juice.

Roast & Toast

The Brew Marley too was extremely smooth and the brilliant infusion of rosemary, cranberry juice and passion fruit was absolutely gorgeous.

The Brew Marley

I also tried some of their absolutely delicious food and I have to say that the food here is one of the finest that you will find in the city! The Thai Curry stuffed potatoes and the Baked Mushrooms in particular were ON POINT!

Thai Curry Stuffed Potatoes

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Great food, brilliant cocktails are extremely reasonably priced, I am definitely going back here soon!


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