Family Sunday Brunch At Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency has for quite a while now been impressing me with their top notch efforts to change its perception of being just an “Airport Hotel”. I have stayed here, I have eaten at all the restaurants here and I can say with utmost conviction that this hotel is so much more than that!

After more than a year of doing some successful and very, very quirky food festivals and events, Hyatt Regency has decided to completely revamp its Sunday Brunch! Yes, Sundays….a day where you want to relax, lounge around, eat good food and most importantly, spend time with your family (no matter how big or small).

What if I tell you that you can do all these above things at one place! Yes. No Points for guessing that this place is Glasshouse, Hyatt Regency! 

With the brilliant Sunday Brumches that restaurants around the city do, this one is one of the very best ones for a thorough and long family brunch. Though I will talk about the food further ahead, I have to mention the elements beyond food that make this brunch so special.

Pool access, fabulous games and activities for kids, photo booths, an inhouse spa (if you want to pay for it!) and so much more! Hyatt Regency has understood the essence of a Sunday Brunch which is “Not just a meal”. It is a time you spend together eating good food  and relaxing with your family!

While the kids in the family are busy with the fabulous activities arranged for them, the other members (above 21 :P) can lay back with some fabulous cocktails or a great variety of beers that this place offers. For teetotalers there are some great mocktails too!


Coming to the food, I can say that the brunch here is vast yet precise! Vast in its variety and precision in the intricacies of each dish that is served on the brunch here! Ofcourse there are a few misses, but I have learnt that you must always focus on the amazing aspects of something and let go of a few misses :).

The sushi here, though not the best in the city, is right up with one of the better ones and you are in for a treat if you love Sushi!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

My favorite counter here had to be the Rajasthani food and I had countless plates of the buttery and absolutely fabulous Dal Bhati Churma.


Their North Indian food is quite nice too and though I didn’t try the main course here, the have an amazing variety of veg and non veg kebabs! They also have Chaats, South Indian & Goan food and so much more!




They also have some options of food that the whole family can enjoy together! The Family Dosa and the Pizzas here are really good and you can enjoy them with your whole family!



Apart from the food on the buffet, they also have some food that you can order straight from the kitchen! Grilled Chicken, Steamed Fish….the list goes on!






The Khow Suey was quite nice too (though not the best) and the thai food section, mainly the Glass Noodles are a must have!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

No good brunch becomes great without a fabulous and illustrious Dessert Section. With White Chocolate fountains, countless cupcakes and an array of other treats, the dessert section at the buffet here is everything that you want on a Sunday!

BeFunky Collage

All in all, with amazing food, great activities for the whole family, potent and fresh cocktails and to top it all, some super friendly service, the Sunday Brunch at Hyatt Regency is everything that you imagined in an ideal Sunday Brunch!

The Brunch happens every Sunday from 12.30 – 4 and you absolutely have to try it soon!

Until next time….






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