Henpecked – Europe on your Plate!

Seemingly, what looks like a place right out of an Enid Blyton book, Henpecked has arrived to the city of Mumbai in an almost obnoxious and British style.

There is however, much more to it than it’s very tony and uptown feel!  It gives you an experience that you will get in a cost townhouse of East London or the comforts of the very welcoming Italian townships in Europe. Henpecked basically, is redifining the perception of “continental” or “European” food in the city in a way that has never been done before!

Before I talk about the food, the cocktails and mocktails at Henpecked are concoctions that you may have never heard of, let alone seen or tasted!

The Pop The Corn uses popcorn and creates a cocktail with it accompanied by some vodka, butter scotch and cream. I am sure you have a vision of this weird cocktail in your head…i.did too. But trust me, take the plunge…try it and you will thank me later!


Gin lovers must try the Bartender Coconut which is a medley of fresh coconut Water, rum, gin and vodka.


The Salted Caramel is again another fabulous example of how creative you can get with cocktails! Try it if you have a thing for Salted Caramel!


The Citizen Cane is a great option for teetotalers and is the perfect and most refreshing cure for this heat that is upon us!


As I said before, Henpecked is a place that gives you European and Italian food in a manner that has not bee. Tried in the city! The thing that makes this experience exclusive is the fact that they do not tamper with the sanctity of the beautiful cuisine to make it likable to us Masala loving Indians! There is much more to food than just “spice” and that is exactly what is showcased in the food here!

The Spinach Figs and Avacado salad is a fabulous display of the freshness of each of its ingredients in it most natural form. The sweet figs to the fresh spinach and avacodo and the addition of bocconcini makes up for a salad that you will be happy to give up a hamburger for!


The Goat Cheese Patata Gnocchi is, I believe, the finest preparation of Gnocchi in the city! It is an ethereal combination of perfect texture and perfect flavors and is a must have here!


The Curry Pesto Prawns is some fresh prawns with my a combination of my favorite flavors – Curry Leaf, Pesto and Coconut! This one is a delight to have and I couldnt help my self from polishing off each last drop of the sauce on the serving plate!


The Peri Peri Calamari is without a doubt, brilliant in its flavoring. The thing however that makes this dish from great to brilliant is how well the Calamari is cooked! It is the perfect munchie to go with your cocktails!


They also have this concept of Boards wherein they give you 3 types of vegetables/cheese/meats (depends on what you choose) along with some pita pockets, feta and Tzatziki. Though this is a very different experience, I would prefer having their other amazing appetizers over this!


The one dish however, that you cannot miss at Henpecked, is their Pizzas! Easily one of the top 3 pizzas in Bombay, the Mr. GOGO Pizza (Mushrooms and Truffle Oil) with my addition of Smoked Salmon was a Pizza that could compare to the pizzas I tried in Italy and loved! You absolutely have to try this!!


The Porcini Cream Pasta was creamy yet light and it was truly like one of those pastas that you cannot stop eating (no matter hoe full you are)!


I also tried the Pan Seared Rawas which was cooked to the T and had the perfect sear and flavors to it!


Though a meal like the one I had here needs no dessert to feel “complete”, a little cheesecake never hurt anyone did it?! 😛

I had a little more than just a little cheesecake of course! Both the Hazelnut Creme Brulee and the Philadelphia Cheesecake were brilliant and were like a perfect end to.what was nothing short of a stellar meal.



All in all, though Henpecked serves dishes that have been served in the city for some time now, Henpecked manages to create them in the way they should be made – authentically! I am absolutely in love with this place and am already recommending it to everyone I know!

Can’t wait to be back there soon!

Until next time….

HENPECKED Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato





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