Seafood heaven at Fish N Bait.

Seafood is something I can not, ever, imagine quitting! Being a maharahtrian girl with roots in Ratnagiri, there is no such thing as “too much​ seafood” for me. I am thus, inspite of the delicious fish preparations that my mother makes, always on the lookout for some decadent Seafood.

To be honest, there are quite a few in the city that I love…the tiny Gomantaks to the fancy Bastian and Mahesh Lunch Home….Seafood in Bombay is big!

Adding to this list in the most illustrious way is Fish N Bait which is another brilliant “peshkash” of the Mahesh Lunch Home familia.

The thing that sets Fish N Bait apart from the rest is the structure in which it has been developed. They serve Above Sea Level (i.e. Meat) and Below Sea Level (i.e. Seafood) from numerous cuisines including Chinese, Himalayan, Konkan and many more!

You can mix and match stuff from across their variety of cuisines ( trust me I had a hard time narrowing down on what I wanted to eat)!

The Crab Soup is a magical concoction of spices and crab meat which will cheer you up on any blue day!


The must have appetizers are the Laal Konkani Masala Tawa Fry Fish which is marinated with the most amazing spices and then Tawa fried to perfection.


The Garlic Lobster with Chilly is delicious, garlicky and the lobster has been heroed in an absolutely perfect manner in this dish.


The Hangover Prawns are basically some delicious Butter Garlic Prawns with the addition of some rum!


The Chingree Bodas which is.a Prawn Bhaji from Kolkata was also nailed to absolute perfection!


The Massaman Curry is a main you should not miss! Creamy and coconuty this one will make you want to lick the bowl clean!


The Fish in Green Masala too is absolutely delicious and is great for someone who wants to avoid carbs.


The Himalayan Badaami Pomfret was more like a butter chicken gravy with chicken replaced by fish and is avoidable.


The Surmai Shorshe on the other hand is authentic, rich and screams of the brilliance that is Bengali cuisine. This is served with a nice aromatic rice and is a great dish to try here.


The Tequila Herb Scented Lobster, Pomfret Haixian and Mediterean Fish Curry with Cous Cous, are healthy, delicious and also the chef’s specials here!

The Paan Ice Cream that they serve here is like a perfectly crafted light dessert to.end a rich meal and I recommend that you try that instead of the other heavy usual desserts.


All in all inspite of rising from the family of an already successful Seafood restaurant chain, Fish n Bait has, in a mere fortnight of is existence, managed to begin what is worthy of being a legacy of its own! All the seafood lovers absolutely have to try this place!

Until next time….

Fish N Bait Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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