Vegetarian Burgers at Burger HQ.

Okay! I take back my words. I have, more than once, made clear my feelings about Vegetarian Burgers. I refused to acknowledge the existence of Vegetarian Burgers. But that was all before I tried the Vegetarian Burgers at Burger HQ.

Located at Lower Parel, Burger HQ is a delivery joint specializing in vegetarian burgers and is here to break the perception and limitations surrounding vegetarian burgers!

Let me first talk about their sides. I tried their Sweet Potato Fries, their Crusted Onion Rings and the Thick Cut Fries.

While the Sweet Potato Fries were nicely seasoned giving  a sweet yet savory flavor, the Crusted Onion Rings were nice and crunchy!

The Thick Cut Fries were my favorite and were fat and perfectly seasones….just like I like my fries to be!
The Burgers I tried were –
Beat Down which was hands down, my favorite of the lot. The  beetroot patty was enhanced with the jalapeno, mayonnaise and the cheese.


The Green Goddess had a nice and herby Paneer patty with a great play on textures with the crisp potato sticks on top of the patty.


The Asian Concussion was another beauty with a delicious  corn and lemon grass patty along with a tangy sambal dressing. This one is a must try for all those who love spicy.

All in all, what Burger HQ does very beautifully is change the whole boringness of repetitive Vegetarian Burgers. The patty’s of each burger here are innovative and exclusive and I would definitely not mind a vegetarian burger from here every once in a while.

Until next time….

BRGR HQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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